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Today's problems come from yesterday's “solutions”.
The first law of the 5th discipline can surely indicate the method for the acquired riches of the trading companies. Companies like Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers, had used undrhanded methods in their operations that assured them of easy wealth by fooling customers into taking unnecessary risks knowing fully well that once it blows over they not only goes unscathed but also profit from it by the default credit swaps from AIG. While this method was ingenious in a business point of view. It is clearly unethical. Although it did its job at that time of solving their problems on how to earn a big profit. It became a huge problem now that it caused the global recession.
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The SEC even lifted the limit for the leverages of the bank, another way to make more profit. It worked as well for a period of time until it was clear that the banks have more than triple their loans while their bank funds stayed the same.

The easy way out usually leads back in.
When the upper echelon of the big time companies saw that it was easy to make a profit out of CDOs, they started to sell it to their customers indiscriminately. This is the easy way out to their problems on how to increase their profits. However, no matter how well this business strategy was thought out. It did not do well for America's economy in the long run. The way transactions was made one after another. It did last for more than a couple of years. The process in which America's economy's deteriorated was a slow one but when it finally became apparent. The profits no longer come in.

Faster is slower.
The companies that accepted this method as a shortcut to instant wealth had proved to the world that it had led to their undoing. Lehman Brother's declared bunkruptcy. Banks had been acquired by the bank of America. The attempt to do things faster had resulted to slowing this down inadvertedly.

Cause and effect are not closely related in time and space.
There were no inherent cause and effects that had happened because of someone else. In fact most of what happened was because of the corporate leaders own doing and that includes

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