Documentaries Like Food Inc. Essay

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Documentaries like Food Inc. & How to Get Fat without Trying, really point out what a massive and severe problem obesity is in America. Sometimes you don’t have to try and sometimes you do. Normally, people like to try and blame the problem on someone as long as it isn’t themselves. Other times, it is actually someone else’s fault. When dealing with obesity, it’s a tag team effort. I think obesity is so problematic in America because of the willpower of the consumer, what’s being done or put in our food and food availability.

Throughout life, we will be surrounded by endless choices. Choices to make with family, personal choices, and of course, food choices. I will admit, it is hard to eat healthy. It’s also expensive. Regardless, you shouldn’t put your wallet before your health. I feel that, overweight people probably may not have the willpower to lose weight. Although, it isn’t easy to be as motivated as we should but we can. Once you break it down, will power is just controlling your impulses, delaying gratification, controlling emotions and controlling performance. There stil1 is the problem of pure laziness though. If anyone wants to lose weight, they need the motivation and the willpower too. Laying around all day isn’t going to help anything. On the other hand, what if someone did do all of the things I just explained? Maybe it’s the food.

Food Inc. is a documentary that focuses on what really happens to our food before it’s shipped and sold to stores.…

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