Doctoral Interview Essay

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Doctoral Faculty Interview

September 14, 2010

Doctoral Faculty Interview with Dr. J.Thomas
The advance level of nursing practice, leadership and nursing applies research with the scope of the doctoral practicum. The leadership role in the doctoral prepared nurse educator applies complex knowledge to rapid changes in the healthcare field. These challenges can be utilized as knowledge to improve teaching methods and practices.
Role of the Doctoral Prepared Nurse as Educators
The role of the doctoral prepared nurse as an educator varies depending on the track in which the educator is teaching. The doctoral prepared nurse is always in a leader role. The doctoral prepared nurse is also a role model because students look
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The Registered Nurse will provide care in an acute setting, because the Registered Nurse can provide a wider range of care.
Changing Student Population
The change in student population is that of the adult and younger learner. The adult/older learners are usually good students. These students are more focused and determined but have a learning curve when it comes to technology. The younger students are usually not responsible for making decisions. This student expects to be given more.
Adapting to the Changing Role
I have adapted well, right now am back in school for Family Nurse Practitioner. I like growth and versatility. My work schedule is steady.
Types of Learning Strategies
There is no one learning strategy I use. I like research and depending on the area that is taught I like the tactile and visual strategies. I like to use multiple learning strategies.
Advances in Technology
The advances in technology are in vast amounts. The simulation lab is in great demand as is the use of web- based programs I have been impressed by the use of broadcast. In pursuing my doctoral, we had classrooms and teachers that taught at three separate sites over the broadcast web.
The doctoral level of nursing with science will prove to make great advances in the future as nurse scientists and nurse researchers and etc. Nursing is

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