Essay on Doctor 's Hospital : An Acute Care Facility

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Doctor’s Hospital is an acute care facility in a small town. Due to a major financial disruption they had to transform their organization’s governing structure. As a result, they did not consider the impact of CIO in IT and they turn CIO’s full-time job into a part-time job. Therefore, Doctor’s Hospital faces many information system challenges. Along with that hospital is undergoing 3 phase construction. Phase 1 construction is exacerbated because of the information system interruption. Moreover, Doctor’s hospital already prepared a framework to implement capacity management software to make efficient patient flow processes.

Question 1: Do you think the absence of a full-time CIO has had an impact on this acquisition project? Why or why not?
Answer: Among senior-level IT positions chief information officer (CIO) is a most important position, where the personnel does not only manage the IT department but also apply advanced strategy to lead the organization (Wager et al., 2009). So yes, the absence of a full-time CIO had a huge impact on this acquisition project. Making a full-time CIO to a part-time contract position displays a huge consequence on the hospital system acquisition process. The nature of the part-time job has limited responsibility and limited time to go through details of workload. In health care organization, the effective application of IT is a major element of its strategies and plans which are most often led by CIO. In Doctor’s Hospital because of the…

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