Doctor Gregory House

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Doctor Gregory House is one of the most complex characters in the history of television. He is the head of Diagnostic Medicine at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital where he specializes in infections disease and nephrology. He can be described as a cynic, narcissist who is self-righteous, sarcastic and stubborn. His biting comments, sharp wit and powerful skills of deduction create a persona that makes him look like a heartless and witty jerk. While analyzing his personality, Freud’s concepts of defense mechanisms and the stages of development are what can really help to explain Gregory house. His interactions with colleagues, passion for his work as a doctor and quest to solve puzzles are what cause him to be a psychoanalytic theorists …show more content…
His father John was a strict military man who ran his house as if it were the barracks for a military troop. He would physically abuse House and demand punctuality and efficiency in everything he did. As a result of his upbringing, House turned into the exact opposite of what his father had demanded. He takes a laid back and almost sloppy approach to life. House’s relationship with his mother was the complete opposite of that with his father. His mother gave him affection and hoped to see him live a happy life and because of his relationship with her was based on fear of failing and disappointing her. These traits that were formed following his relationships with his parents carried over into his romantic relationships. During the time that he was engaged to Stacy Warner, house developed a handicap leaving him in constant pain due to muscle death in his leg. The pain caused House to develop an attitude and an addiction to Vicodin, which resulted in separation from his fiancé. This pain was kind of a curse and a gift because it allowed him find the urge to solve medical puzzles but it also brought back the self destructive and masochistic

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