Doctor Faustus By Christopher Marlowe Essay

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The play Doctor Faustus written in the 1500’s by Christopher Marlowe was a play of middle aged man named Faustus who had incredible knowledge of logic, medicine, law, and divinity, which basically means study of godliness. In this play, Fatus trades in all his studies and knowledge of the world for a deal with the devil to obtain supernatural abilities for personal use. In the beginning of the play Doctor Faustus, Faustus is amazed of Aristotle’s works and is longing to be a physician to make a lot of money and wants to be praised for finding some wonderful cure he has found. It was then when Faustus fumbled upon necromancy books and uttered the words “Theses metaphysics of magicians and necromantic books are heavenly! Lines, circles, schemes, letters, and characters! Ay Theses are those that Faustus most desire” which indicates Faustus is very intrigued by the books that he saw and wants to search deeply into the books (45-52 scene1). Shortly after discovering the books Faustus has ideas about power and being a mighty god to rule on earth. After reading the books Faustus decides to conjure up a devil named Mephastophilis to strike a deal with the Lucifer for power, wealth and for Mephastophilis to become his servant and do as pleases.
Giving up his soul and body in the deal to Lucifer, Faustus vows to never look to the heaven, never to name God, or to pray to him, to burn his scriptures, slay his ministers, and make Lucifer spirits pull his churches down. It was then…

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