Describe The Relationship Between Doctors And Patients

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A doctor and patients relationship has to be based on clarity, each others respect, good-communication, honesty and trust; these are factors that let the doctor and the patient work with each other in a professional manner. For a relationship to be good between a doctor and his patient a high standard of professional conduct is required. The doctors have to keep in mind certain things towards their patients. The doctors have to be courteous, patient, honest and also respectful towards their patients. The doctors have to protect the patients’ privacy and right to confidentiality until the release of any information is demanded by the law or is in the interest of the public. The doctors also have to support the decisions of their patient and …show more content…
In a good medical practice using of consent is required for the giving out of health information. Informed consent is usually a voluntary decision made by a person about the medical care which is made with all the knowledge, understanding and also by estimating the risk involved. The general guidelines that the doctors need to brief their patients with are all given in detail under the National Health and Medical Research Council. A good medical procedure involves that patients are informed in way that they can understand every detail then only their consent can be asked for. It is also essential to obtain informed consent or other valid authority before undertaking any kind of examination, investigation or providing any form of treatment except in the case of emergencies. Also it is very important for the patient to be well informed about the doctor’s fees and charges. While referring a patient for investigation or any form of treatment the doctors have to advice the patient that there may be additional costs which patients may wish to clarify before

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