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[pic] |Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research (KIMEP)
International Summer School, 2011



Instructor: Dr. Ardeshir Lohrasbi Office: Telephone: FAX:

Instructor: Dr. Ardeshir Lohrasbi
Office Hours:
Tel: Fax:



Welcome to OPM 5202 Operations Management .It is a great pleasure to have all of you in my class. I have been at University of Illinois Springfield in USA for 31 years and served as a Chair of Department of Business Administration , MBA director and Chair of
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The course covers such areas as P/OM integration in the organization, productivity, forecasting, total quality management, product planning, capacity planning, scheduling, production layout, project planning, world-class manufacturing, just-in-time operations, time-based competition, business re-engineering and operations strategy.

Operations Management& Student DVD Package, Jay Heizerand Berry Render, 10th edition, publishedby Prentice Hall, 2011
ISBN: 13:978-0-13-611941-8 or 13-254-2630
For each chapter there is a power point presentation, and at the end of the presentation you will find additional resources.
Additional Resources in Operations Management can be found in the Library, on the Internet, or any private or public library.

Course Objectives: • To introduce students to the foundation of knowledge in contemporary operations management. • To fulfill, in part, the prerequisite requirements for the capstone course
Business Statistics and Advanced Mathematics or equivalents

As stated in your catalog, it is your responsibility to assure that you have the appropriate prerequisites to take this course.

Learning Outcomes:

Cognitive learning outcomes: the things that you should know upon completion of this course.
Behavioral learning outcomes: the things that you should be able to do upon completing this course.

This course has been

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