Doc Mcstuffins : A Television Show Based On The Main Character

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Doc McStuffins is a television show based on the main character Dottie who is six years old and wants to be just like her mother when she grows up. Dottie’s mother turns out to be a doctor since Dottie is only six she lives out her dream of being a doctor by fixing toys. The twist of this show is that Dottie had a magic stereoscope given to her by her grandma that turns any toy alive, where it can talk and walk and have emotions just like a regular human being.
This episode of Doc McStuffins titled “Brining Home Baby” starts off with Dottie and her brother, Donny, sitting on the kitchen island and Dottie’s mom, Maisha, rushing off to work when her dad, Marcus, slows her down because he’s making breakfast. Seconds later Maisha’s phone rings informing her that the baby that they’re going to adopt is being delivered. With that the whole McStuffins’ family is excited with the news and Dottie’s dad calls his mom to babysit while they go to the hospital. When Dottie’s grandma arrives Dottie informs her that she wants to get a toy for the new baby but she doesn’t know what to get the little one. Her grandma mentions to her that she should go play with her favorite toys to see what good qualities to have are. When Doc aka Dottie goes up to her room she puts on her stethoscope and asks her toys what she should get the new baby. The toys then ask her why she has them still and that’s when she tells the stories of how she got each one of her toys. Doc says her first toy was Lambie,…

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