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Goodbye, Robbie Tuesday...

Write an essay (900-1200 words) in which you analyse and interpret the Scottish short story “Goodbye Robbie Tuesday” by Chris Roberts 1997.

Part of your essay must focus on the narrative technique and the importance of the setting.

After many false summits, we finally reached the top of the hill. Jamie took my hand and led me around the hillside until he found a hollow place with gorse bushes all around for a windbreak.

Jamie shoved me forward into the hollow and flopped down beside me. It was so quiet out of the wind. I felt exhausted, but kind of thrilled all the same. This seemed a safe place. I looked up at Jamie, feeling the heat in my blood from the overworked engine
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"Is that it?" I asked.

Jamie looked up at me through his dark fringe. "What's wrong wi' it?"

"Isn't there anything to drink?"

He sighed with impatience. "Robbie, for God's sake. This is the outdoors. We'll find water."

"What about now?" I demanded.

He threw up his hands in helplessness. "Look, that's all I could carry, see?" he said. "Here, have a bit of this." He tore open the cellophane around the Scotbloc and broke off four big chunks for me and the same for himself. I bit into it and immediately felt better.

Jamie fiddled with the small radio and it crackled into life. A song we both really liked was just starting. Ruby Tuesday by the Rolling Stones.

She would never say where she came from Yesterday won't matter if it's gone.

The music somehow brought us back together and we both grinned through chocolate teeth. The Stones were Mum's favourite. She had been playing the radio in the kitchen one time when Jamie had said to me, "That's what I'm gonna call you from now on. Robbie Tuesday." And that was that. Once Jamie's mind was decided you couldn't shift it. Robbie Tuesday. I thought it was about the coolest name I had ever heard.

We didn't say anything for a minute or two. I looked back down the hill to see how far we had come. You could see the whole town from up there. It was really impressive from the hill, like you could see the sense of it. Down

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