Do You Know How to Communicate Effectively with Different Communication Styles?

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Do you know how to communicate effectively with different communication styles?
AB221: Customer Service

“The Impact of Communication Styles on Customer Services”

When we think of communication styles through customer service what immediately comes to mind is spoken words (tone or language), body language (cross arms or stance), engagement and professionalism. But that’s not all that communication styles entail. Customer Service is built on a foundation of communication, acknowledgment and response. (Everson 2007) It’s important to understand how to deliver effective customer service to internal and external customers. Though do we really understand the communication styles that we relate to more effectively, is the question. There
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I wanted to ask a customer service member to see if there was someone that I could speak with due to items missing. In addition, I had wanted to see if I would still have to pay full cost. I noticed around the corner there were two female customer service members talking and putting up some products on a shelf. I went up to them and said excuse me. Not once, twice, but three times I had to say excuse me. I want to point out that I was saying excuse me in English. By the fourth time, I raised my voice and my tone and in Spanish I said excuse me. Which seemed to have gotten the attention of both customer service members. In which I proceed to tell them both that it was rude of them not to acknowledge me the first 3 times. Also it was unprofessional of them to even ignore their customers whom needs there help. To my dismay they were little to no help. So once I was done gathering all the other items that I needed, I asked the customer service member at the register if I needed to speak with a supervisor or manager in seeing how much I would have to pay for the product due to missing items. Immediately they reached out to a manager, in which they explained the issue I was able to get a minimal discount towards the product. I have never experienced this issue at the Orlando Walmart Superstore. I expected the same exceptional customer service

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