Essay on Do You Have An Opinion On Gun Control?

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Do you have an opinion on gun control? Are you looking for information on one of the world’s largest firearm producers? Remington has been a top producer of quality firearms for almost two centuries. Remington made firearms for many wars, including the Civil War, World War I, and World War II. They also made many different and reliable firearms.
Eliphalet Remington was born in Suffield, Connecticut, on the 27th of October, 1793 (“Eliphalet” para. 1). Mr. Remington established a mechanical shop at his farm after he and his father moved there in 1816 (“Eliphalet” para. 1). To help build his farm equipment, he constructed a forge and blacksmithing shop (“Remington Arms Company, Inc.” para. 2). Blacksmithing and mechanical repair were some things that Eliphalet did on his farm (“Eliphalet” para. 1).Remington was twenty-three when he decided he wanted a gun of his own to use for hunting (McLaughlin para. 12). However, Eliphalet forged a rifle from scrap metal in his own blacksmithing shop after he found out that he did not have enough money to buy of his own (“Eliphalet” para. 2). Young Eliphalet fashioned his own gun barrel using scrap iron (“Remington Arms Company, Inc.” para. 3). After he made his barrel, he had no tools to cut the rifling; therefore, he took his barrel to a gunsmith to be rifled and stocked (McLaughlin para. 14). The very first origins of the Remington Company came from a shooting match in which Eliphalet won second place (“Remington Arms Company History”…

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