Do You Ever Stop And Wonder How Dangerous Non Lethal Objects Can Be?

1130 Words Nov 12th, 2015 null Page
Do you ever stop and wonder how dangerous non-lethal objects can be? If not, then you might want to look around. What do you see? A bed, a chair, a computer, a television, four walls? Now how many dangerous objects do you perceive? Probably none. This is how I came across an ever-growing problem that I see today. When I look around, I see items like a bed and a chair and technology everywhere. More specifically, phones, and not just your typical call/text phone, no, I see these innovative mini supercomputers we call smartphones in my friend’s hand and on my lap. This is observable in a single room, but go out into a store and you will find that we spend most of our time looking at our phones rather than at the merchandise we drove to see. This is a growing phenomenon that has not stayed with the adult population. Due to our actions, our children have begun to exhibit similar attributes. Children across America are almost dysfunctional without some sort of techy device and the most prominent, inexpensive one being, the smartphone. Now, I do not know about everyone else but I do not think that just because it is not pointy and heavy we should regard it as safe. That is the biggest problem with smartphones. We are giving our children potential weapons against themselves. This is because smartphones and regular cell phones have shown un-warned detrimental effects in various studies of non-matured children’s brains. The effects of mobile phones on children come in different…

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