Essay on Do You As A Parent Care About Your Children While Being?

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Do you as a parent care about your children while being? As young, striving, educated, and hard-working parents with two kids in preschool. We tend to lose awareness of our kids due to working too much. Our lives were not all that easy. In fact, having to deal with work, school, and kids can be very stressful. In our marriage we realized that the relationships with our kids had started to deteriorate. The unity between us started to fade away and technology had started to fill the hole. My wife and I realized that both of our children had lost the connection between us. Every time we pick them up from grandma ' it seems like the kids were zombified. It seems like technology have taken over our child 's mind. So, my wife and I realized that the use of technology had to stop. We agreed that on the day 's in which we had time we would do activities that would increase the bond among us. The activity that my wife and I would subject would be having dinner together, a simple walk around the neighborhood, or extracurricular activities.
As technology advance, so does the stress of finding ways to limit the excessive usage of technology. In our life, we realized that technology had started to take over our children 's mindset. They wouldn 't interact with other kids, they wouldn 't communicate with us as much, and they would spend the day sitting in front of the television like a couch potato. Due to this, we decided that we had to take drastic action on controlling the usage of…

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