Do Wind Turbines Cause The Human Living Near It? Essay

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We are the citizens of Paint Rock Texas.
Wind farms produce around 43 decibals from 300 meters.
Basically in between a fridge and an air conditioner.
Though lower sound waves undetectable by the decibal system can cause some uncomfortable circumstances.
The closest a wind turbine can get is 300 meters.
All though it usually around 500 meters away.
Now would it be unattractive on our property?
The answer is yes our majestic rock formations and rock paintings would be destroyed our obscured by this blemish of our land.
Now what do wind turbines cause to the human living near it?
The answer is yes.
The human brain and cannot handle long term exposure to infrasound that can cause the following; disabilities in unborn children, night terrors, concentration problems, memory problems, irritability, anxiety, dizziness, nausea, tinnitus, headaches, and sleeping problems, according to how stuff works; Do wind turbines cause health problems? ,by Julia Layton. “For property values the wind farms, at the moment, do not significantly reduce the price of property. All though there is a high chance as wind farms grow the property value will decrease. Also some examples and complaints have come up where health issues exist, but the government rubs it off.” This information was paraphrased from Field Guide to Wind Farms & Their Effect on Property Values. (Updated February 2014)

This means we must influence them to our cause.
For the evidence against the cause it just complaints…

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