Do We Really Have Free Will? Essay

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Do we really have free will? I thought I knew, but I don’t know for sure anymore. A cursory look at our experiences lead us to believe that it seems our actions, words, and decisions just appear spontaneously, out of nowhere. So much so, in fact, that it sometimes seems to us that we are merely observing what comes out of our mouths, helplessly watching ourselves act, as if it were someone else. But isn’t this just a trick of perspective? An existential sleight of hand? Our conscious selves are more the fruit than the root. This is the reality of all of our existences: We obviously had no say about being brought into it. No free will there. That might sound like a pat truism, but there is more to it. Our DNA, the recipe for making our body and brain what they are, was not of our choosing. But that DNA inheritance sure does dictate our choosing. Interestingly enough, long-term studies of identical twins who were separated at birth to grow up in very different environments reveal shocking correspondences between them decades later. Again and again, it turns out that such men had married similar-looking wives with the same names. They’d wind up driving the same make of car, chewing the same brand of gum, etc., etc. Pretty scary!
Looks like our genetic make-up controls an awful lot of our choices. It’s not as if we feel any lack of free choice, but rather that our genes determine what it is that we truly desire and choose.
But we cannot to say that genetic inheritance…

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