Do Violent Video Games Cause Aggressive Behavior? Essay

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The sources cited in this annotated bibliography are credible to gain more information on my topic of “Do violent video games cause aggressive behavior?” This has been a controversial topic, as officials were contemplating on banning violent video games or raising the age restriction so that children could not play these types of games. Many believe that children and young adults adopt the violent behaviors that are being displayed in media or video games, thus changing their behavioral pattern in a very negative way. Violent videos games tend to provoke violent behavior or aggression according to the data collected during experiments or studies. Statistical analysis also provides a better visual of the situation. But according to the articles that provide information about human behaviors, humans are naturally violent and aggressive by instinct. There are times where if provoked, these behaviors tend to manifest themselves and become prominent. Anthony, I. (2014). HUMAN NATURE AND VIOLENCE: IS THERE RELATIONSHIP? A THEORETICAL EXPLORATION.
The author of this journal says in the study that was conducted for this document there is a link between human nature and violence. The data that was collected from these studies heavily rely on the utility of secondary data. This article argues that since there is a strong violent instinct within animals, there must be that same form of instinct in humans, considering humans are descendants of a type of animal species. With…

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