Do Videogames Create The Next Serial Killer? Essay

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Do videogames create the next serial killer?

Videogames are such a fun pastime, they’ve developed so much with content and graphics over the years, but videogames wont influence someone to go on a murder spree, everyone has a sense of reality. The content in some videogames are violent, but it shouldn’t lead people to impersonate dangerous acts. Nowadays some cases of serial killers will relate to originating from violence of videogames. Videogames sole purpose is for entertainment; creators don’t make them so others can be heinous. People just want something to blame, it can’t ever be someone’s own fault, especially with something as bad as murdering. There are a few cases to support the fact that videogames should not lead to acts of killing.
In an online article, it states that “No matter how much I loathe the traffic in the city I know I can’t afford to run people over just because they’re in my way. I know in life there are consequences. There’s no get out of jail free card over here.” (Tech 2) This is a perfect example of a sense of reality. It’s nice to escape from a constant routine, and sometimes you want to play violent games, or any game to relieve yourself. With life, you get consequences, money, and etc. that will come into play. Realistically in a game if you get arrested you can easily pay for yourself to get out because getting money in games is easy. Meanwhile in reality, if you go to jail the consequences are more severe and permanent. You can’t turn off,…

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