Do The Right Thing By Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

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“Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral. It is impartial because it is a descending spiral ending in destruction for all…” I strongly agree with this quote said by Martin Luther King Jr. Violence is a very concerning issue in the past, present and certainly in the film “Do The Right Thing”. It is my personal belief that you cannot achieve anything by violence and that it only brings major unwanted consequences into our lives. The film “Do The Right Thing” illustrates the difference between violence and counter-violence and the diverse consequences they each convey.
Violence is the act of physical force toward someone to hurt them and in cases kill them, in order to gain power. I believe that violence is never the answer no matter the circumstance. In the film “Do the Right Thing” we continuously see how the diverse characters use violence in order to solve their social problems. For instance, Sal’s Pizzeria brings out a lot of forms of violence, it is owned by a family of Italians and it is located in a black neighborhood. The first signs of trouble occur when Sal is asked by one of the black characters, Buggin Out why the wall of fame in his restaurant only has pictures of Italians when the vast majority of the consumers are black. He asks him to put up pictures of famous black artist but Sal refuses.
You have two choices; you can deal with it by violence or by talking things out and compromising. Buggin Out goes straight to violence…

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