Do the Right Thing Analysis Essay

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Hussein Abdallah
First Paper

Technical Critique of do the Right Thing

Do The Right Thing, a movie directed by Spike Lee, filmed on a sunny summer day in a black neighbourhood in Brooklyn is what many consider a great movie. The movie portrays stories of many actors consisting from different palettes, where each has their own conflicts and struggles. It is a very entertaining movie yet it will leave you emotionally connected to the events that took place. It would not have reached its current success if it wasn’t for the unique cinematography. In the coming sections I will be talking about the shots, angles, lighting styles, symbolism and colour.
The realism of this movie is pretty clear, where Spike Lee was
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High angle view.

The scene in Figure 4 is just before the end of the movie where Sal’s restaurant was burnt down because he was blamed for Radio Raheem’s death. These incidents gave Mother Sister a trauma. I would not say that the high angle shot makes her insignificant, but it would rather make her look threatened by the general overview scene, that the high angle shot achieves. The violence ends with this scene, which in my point of view is a very dramatic one. Mother Sister is the lovable person, everyone looks up too her but she was screaming like a lunatic, then the high angle shot of all the destruction around gives a dramatic ending to that scene. There were many eye level shots taken in the movie. An Eye level shot is when the subject is being filmed near eye level. What I think Spike Lee was trying to do with these eye level shots if to put the audience in the same footing of the characters. The bird eye view is the shot taken overhead. It makes people in the scene look small.

Figure 5 Bird eye shot, final scene.
An example of a bird eye shot is shown in Figure 5, the final scene. This scene is one of the most important of the movie. The movie visualises a 24 hour timeline, so all the incident s that happened, from waking up to burning Sal’s

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