Do the Media Encourage Terrorism?? Essay

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2 SEP 2002
There has been a lot of thought put into finding a more effective way to build intelligence efforts to make a stronger product for decisions of national security. The use of the media and worldwide reporters can be used in the effort to build more information on the intelligence products, but the usage will be limited. It is not very likely that the government of Pakistan will sponsor a column disclosing a list of nuclear assets every week, or that the Irish Republican Army will endorse a schedule of events for next weeks offensive maneuvers; but it is likely that many countries in the free world will encourage the disclosure of movements and known associations of terrorists. The same type
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Day by day the search for the Iraqi leader was a priority, and the media had been in contact with Hussein almost on a daily basis. Although media sometimes almost encourages the spread of the message, there are many places that the press can go that a human intelligence agent cannot and this asset should be utilized. Terrorism existed before the modern day media was even able to cover its story and will continue whether the media covers it today or not. Another tool that the government uses against terrorism is to build the story and to convey the crisis situation to the American people (Bender, 109). This explanation gives more information to the American people other than just the terrorist's goals or opinions. The real story behind most right-wing movements is exposed during the media shakedown, and when the citizens of the United States are enlightened, they are more inclined to support government policy. In my opinion the best way to combat terrorism is through the usage of the rights to freedom of press. Granted there is no one-way to dismantle all terrorist organizations overnight, but through education; the majority of the militant operations can be exposed, divided, and dealt with under control of the judicial system. The media of the United States does not encourage terrorism it merely reports it, and facts that are reported should be exploited.

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