Essay about Do The Grades That Students Receive Really Help Them?

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Do the grades that students receive really help them? The grades that students receive are meant to help them and the teachers understand how well they are understanding the concepts of a specific chapter or the whole course. Even though some students do not understand what is going on in the classroom and the tutors and other help are not helping fix it. The grades show and tell students how well they understand the concepts they are learning in the classroom, because when students see their grades they attempt to resolve the grades that are lower by studying more. When the students grades are high, it shows that they are understanding what is being taught in the classroom, and some students know they need help in certain areas by looking at their grades so they can go to tutors or ask the teacher more questions. Back in highschool there were so many people willing to help others to understand what was being taught and the teachers set aside time to see you so that they can go over the material one on one with you so that you can have a better understanding of what you did wrong and how to improve it. When students saw their grades in the gradebook, all hoped to get A’s, but some would get D’s or C’s. When they saw that grade from a assignment, they went to investigate next class period to understand why they got that grade, and how to improve that grade for the next time. By spending that extra time to examine what they did wrong and what they should learn from what they…

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