Essay about Do Smartphones Affect The Way That People Live Their Lives?

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Why are people today so addicted to their smartphones? I feel that everywhere that I go all I see is people with their noses in their phones. Why is this? Teens and young adults who were born in the late 20th century were introduced to something at a young age that the world has never seen before, and that was the smartphone. The smartphone has taken over the lives of not just teens, but also many adults. Smartphones have ruined people 's communication skill, and the skill to hold a face to face conversation with somebody without being interrupted by their smartphones. So why do smartphones affect the way that people today cannot hold a conversation with somebody without checking their phone. Social media is changing the way that people live their lives today. A majority of people think that it is just teens and young adults who use social media, but actually they are wrong. Out of all adults who have ever used the Internet, 74% of them use social media.(Social Networking Fact Sheet.) Adult women use the most social media at 76% of them using it, compared to the 72% of adult men who use social media.(Social Networking Fact Sheet.) Young adults do use more social media than anybody coming in at 89% of 18-29 year olds use social media on a daily basis, but that is expected.(Social Networking Fact Sheet.) Adults did not grow up with smartphones like teenagers do today, so naturally they are expected to be on their phones more than adults, because that is what they grew up…

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