Do Schools Kill Creativity? Essay

730 Words Feb 26th, 2016 3 Pages
In his speech “Do schools kill creativity?” Sir Ken Robinson claims that the current education system is killing our children’s creativity. Robinson believes creativity is as important in education as literacy. However, schools are more focused on training kids to pass tests and go to college, rather than letting them think outside the box. He also talks about the different types of intelligence, and how kids learn in a variety of ways. Robinson explains how children are more intelligent than we think, but our education system forces them to learn in one specific way, without using their imagination to find answers. Schools teach students that there is only one answer to everything, and being wrong is bad. Any original way of thinking is shot down. By the time these children become adults, their capacity to be original and creative is gone. A big way our schools can teach creativity is through the arts, but Robinson states the arts are last in every education system on Earth. The most useful subjects, like math and languages, are at the top of the hierarchy, whereas subjects like music and art are at the bottom. No school on the planet teaches dance classes as much as math, but kids love to dance. Children are only trained to use one part of their brains, and that part usually doesn’t include the body. The problem with training all students in one specific way is that it doesn’t take in to account the diversity of intelligence. Robinson informs us that kids learn in many…

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