Essay about Do Schools Kill Creativity?

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Creativity is a thing people tend to see less and less of. Sir Ken Robinson proposes and asks the question “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” at a Tedtalk conference in 2006. Robinson’s main claim suggests that public education systems undermines creativity in education. Robinson supports his main claim with illustrations, examples, evidence, even comical and emotional appeals. “My contention is that creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.” This TedTalk was given to educate people on the importance of creativity in education from toddler through adolescence, Robinson is attempting to change the education system so that creativity is nurtured as much as math and being literate. It was time to bring up the importance of creativity because people are being “educated” out of it, therefore less original ideas are being presented or even thought of. Robinson is a college professor, and world leader in development of education and business. Robinson establishes ethos in his speech by highlighting his place in the education system, showing his knowledge on the subject, proving his trustworthiness by illustrating personal experiences, and by being able to make jokes and connect with the audience in an entertaining and relatable way. Robinson comes off as fair and knowledgeable because he is down-to-earth and level headed in the way he reaches the audience, so he leads the audience to believe in him. The intentions of this…

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