Do Regional Organizations Have a Role to Play in International Relations?

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What is Regional Organizations?
Regional organizations incorporate international membership of states based on boundaries characteristic to a unique geography, such as continents, or geopolitics, such as economic blocks. Some regional organizations are African Union (AU) and European Union (EU). The UN recognises regional organizations as stakeholders in international relations and has granted some of them observer status at the UN General Assembly and permanent representation in New York. The right to speak at the United Nations General Assembly meetings, participation in procedural
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Regional organizations have participated in the peace-making activities of the UN that have led to the establishment of peacekeeping operations and supported them by diplomatic initiatives. In Haiti, the UN and the Organization of American States (OAS) jointly launched the International Civilian Mission in Haiti (MICIVIH). This mission was tasked with helping to create a secure and stable environment which could support a peaceful and lasting political state. This arrangement has worked and it is a possible model for future missions. With the increasing number of peacekeeping missions, it can be seen that regional organizations have a crucial role in International Relations.
Combating Terrorism
There has been a significant shift in bilateral relations between the United States and Europe, Russia, and China due to the debate on the war on Iraq. Hence, another role that regional organizations have an important part of is in combating terrorism. Enhanced diplomacy is one of the best "insurance policies" against terrorism in the long run. One way to achieve greater impact would be to unite regional organizations into a sort of alliance to combat terrorism. The Organization of Security and

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