Do Police Prosecute Innocent People? Essay

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Do police prosecute innocent people?
How would you feel about being put away for 18 years for something you didn’t do?
Steven Avery is apparently a truly, innocent, innocent man; according to the television program: “Making a Murderer.” I believe this isn’t the truth. The Television series is extremely well made and truly makes the viewer believe he’s not guilty. I went back and watched the series a second time and looked at the details a little closer. Being the detective I am, I discovered in the first episode… spoiler alert! He inhumanely tortured a cat, was involved in three burglaries and to top it off, he pulled an unloaded gun out and aimed it at his own family, his cousin! Wow! And they’re just the things he’s been caught doing. This led me to believe, if he were capable of those actions, then why the hell wouldn’t he murder someone? His first conviction was proven he was an innocent man,he didn’t rape Penny Beerntsen. But I think spending all that time in prison for something you didn’t do would definitely have a dramatic, psychological effect on a person. Which in fact may of led him to do those wrongful actions.
The television series is about a real life event that is still going on to this day. The main person starring in it is Steven Avery. His nephew Brendan Dassey is also one of the main characters. When Brendan was sixteen years old, he admitted to the gruesome murder of trasea halback. He told the…

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