Essay on Do People Have A Smartphone?

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Do most people have a Smartphone? My answer is yes. I am sure there are still a few who do not own a Smartphone, but the times are changing: this is the technology era. I look around I observe people texting, watching videos, or playing games. We depend on the technology for entertainment, information, and for education. As I grew up, my family had a black and white television. Cable was a new luxury, and my parents listened to vinyl records and tapes. Compact Discs were a new technology, yet it they were in the developmental stage. I can remember my first computer: The Commodore 64, was a computer with many parts, unlike today’s components of a computer that are all in one, or in the palm of our hands. This change has been in motion for a long time. As technology develops faster and faster, we as a society, would be driven to change with the technology. The future will tell, but I can foresee everyone having a Smartphone or some form of technology that will aid us in our everyday lives. The convenience of technology, and the ability for anyone to use this (no matter the age.) are increasing. What tools did we use to receive messages from relatives or friends? I have two that come to mind: phones and letters. Calling people would depend on if the person was home, because the use of cell phones had not yet been invented. Unlike today, we have the ability to call someone from virtually anywhere thanks to the cell phones and the advances in cell signals. How often have I seen…

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