Do Or Die Dbq

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Due to the burdens of taxes and families to support the colonist were helpless and enraged by their government’s decisions. The only method to stop such conflicts the colonist were left with no other option but to rebel and object. This had been a catastrophe, involving all colonies plus England. The mess was caused by the government, who wanted to benefit from the taxes in order to pay off the debts of the French and Indian war. This resulted in the colonist getting mad and decided to boycott against their government. The best way to describe the situation was “Do or Die”. Many reasons, had caused this reaction. For instance, trade,not having a representative,and taxes. Overall, these three main reasons were the purpose of the rebel against …show more content…
The act called for the colonist to provide foreign soldiers with nourishment and resources. Without moaning the colonist finished their duty, they hosted the soldier very pleasantly, but they were very upset since the money they had to pay. Based on this site”colonial assembly was directed to provide for the basic needs of soldiers stationed within its borders”(www Regardless, any circumstance the colonist were forced to supervise a soldier. Moreover, the colonist felt disrespected and annoyed by keeping a stranger in their homes. This had triggered the American revolution. Another reason why the colonist decided to rebel against England were taxes the significant reason. The three acts that required paying taxes were the sugar act, stamp act and last but not least the Boston tea act which takes the big piece of cake. During the sugar act which was created in 1764, every colonist was imposed to pay extra money on the sugar they own. This site states “ required to pay a tax of sixpence per gallon on the importation of foreign molasses.”( .Tagging on to the next act, the stamp act in 1765 wherein every individual colonist was

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