`` Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night `` Essay

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Dylan Thomas wrote “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” in light of his father’s approaching death. While his purpose is honorable, his execution falls slightly short. At first, he seems to direct his message at those who are already dying. Offering no encouragement to them, he ends in the same despair he started, which is inevitable death. Despite this, his message can be applied to those who are still living. Even though those who are dying lack hope, he calls those with life still before them to rage with ambition and not view death as the lowest point in life. He calls people not to go gently into death, but to live with meaning and ongoing endeavor. Thomas pushes people to examine how they live their lives in regards to death. By first interpretation, Thomas seeks to offer comfort to those who face death and attempts to motivate them to live the little life they have left with passion. By repeatedly saying “Rage, rage against the dying of the light” (Thomas 3), his attempt is evident; yet, it undoes itself. He offers no reason or purpose to rage against the dying light, that is death, which will certainly come. This call to rage is void of inspiration for any who know the coming of the night. Striving to encourage people in their death, the author also confirms the unavoidable and his message does not suffice. While this poem is inadequate for the intended audience, a message for an alternative audience can be revealed. Under further examination,…

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