Do Homework While Being On Facebook Or Listening? Essay

1625 Words Mar 4th, 2015 null Page
After watching the videos I realized how horrible of a learner I was. I also realized; that if I was to have any chance of getting the desired education, and occupational attainment, some adjustments needed to be made. I used to study, and do homework while being on Facebook or listening to music. However instead of helping me focus, and concentrate like I thought it, would it only distracted me, and prevented me from getting my homework completed on time. Chew points out in (Chew, S. Video 1: Beliefs That Make You Fail…Or Succeed . Retrieved March 2, 2015, from that many students make this mistake, and instead of remembering facts, and information they needed to know; they only remembered the conversations they had with people online, or the music they were listening to. I am now learning to remove all distractions from me when I am studying, and making sure nothing is preventing me from converting the information I need to know from short term to long term memory. Another thing I had problems with was time management, I would procrastinate a lot or complain about how I do not have time to study, or get my work done. This semester, after attending a time management class I realized I had 40 hours a week of free time, and I used that time poorly, having fun or being lazy. They then told me how I should be managing my time and trying to get all of my work done before playing, and since I was poor at managing time it showed in my work and…

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