Essay on Do Filmmakers Have Responsibilities?

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Devonte Washington
Communications 280
11 November 27, 2012

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Almost every American has been to see a movie at the theatres. We grab a bag of popcorn, candy, and a soda and head into the theatre to find good seats. As we sit into those comfy theatre chairs we start to sink into our movie watcher mode. Soaking up every action, line, joke, sad moment and every movement till the very end. We then leave while the credits are still rolling and then get into our cars and head home. We have covered our responsibilities as a viewer, but what responsibility does the filmmaker hold or needs to accomplish? Did I laugh? Was I surprised when I was supposed to be? Was the plot very clear? Did I get the overall message of the movie? These
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One would be lost and lose interest in the movie right? An example of a movie with a good flowing plot would be the film Mad Money starring Diane Keaton & Queen Latifah. The film is about a woman whose husband loses his job and they begin to lose everything. She decides to start stealing money from the federal government and ends up getting caught and ends up losing all the money she stole. But a twist on the plot was that she stashed a great deal of the money in a local bar and lives happily ever after. This was a great example of a filmmaker taking care of their responsibility to have a clear and flowing plot. When I watched the movie I felt that I hadn’t missed anything important or anything not important. I also felt like I got the message to the movie.
All in all I feel that the filmmaker has responsibilities. If the viewer has responsibilities of enjoying the movie I feel that the filmmaker must have some also. As far as what are their responsibilities, there is no definite answer or set of criteria that the filmmaker must cover but there are some common understandings that the filmmaker has to check off his list before making a

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