Essay Do Electronic Voting Machines Improve the Voting Process?

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Do Electronic Voting Machines Improve the Voting Process?

The electronic voting machine embraces an electronic means of efficiently casting a vote and electronic means of accurately counting votes. Electronic voting machines, can also display election results and because of controversies associated with their operation audit trail, information can also be obtained. There are many types of electronic voting systems: paper based electronic voting system; which provides a paper ballot to be marked by hand but counted electronically. Pressing buttons or using a touch screen can operate a direct recording electronic voting machine either mechanically or electrically. This machine stores the voting data in a memory bank as a printed
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(Hite, 2004, p. 27) Direct recording electronic (DRE) voting machine is essentially a computer, which utilizes touch-screen terminals to record votes. Some DRE systems also employ a memory card, compact disc or other memory device which votes are store on. Some direct recording electronic machines have the ability to transmit their results via the Internet.

The basic foundation of election integrity is total transparency. In elections, everything must be open to public view, including processes of handling and counting ballots. The only exception to this rule is, that each individual's voting choices remain hidden. Supporters of direct recording electronic voting machine say they are safe, reliable, easy to use, and able to analyze voting results faster, are accessible to handicap personnel, illiterate, and non-English speaking voters. Opponents of direct recording electronic voting machine say it gives too much power over public elections to the manufacturers. DRE’s are susceptible to hacking, do not allow for meaningful audits, recounts and do not offer voters a reliable way to authenticate their votes. Is DRE vulnerable to hacking? No, there is no telecommunications outlet, so there is no risk of hacking, or gaining unauthorized entry into the permanent storage medium such as a write-once memory card or the operating system. State election authorities generally do not transmit voting

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