Do Discrimination And Racial Profiling Still Exist? Brent Staples

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Do discrimination and racial profiling still exist? Brent Staples answers this question in his short essay, Just Walk on By. In this essay, Staples elaborates his opinion on the concern of racial profiling and the injustices that come with it by providing us with his experience as a young adult living in Chicago. Staples never faced his ultimate goal of reality until being awarded a scholarship to attend the University of Chicago. When his dreams of budding out of the rancorous cycle of poverty he was born into were becoming a reality, Staples then had to take on a few other hurdles that would now, presently, be considered racial profiling. His first face to face encountering with the flaws of racial discrimination was late in the evening, like many of his other experiences mentioned, when he early twenties at the University of Chicago, was innocuously walking a few treads behind a woman. The woman in this experience, whom he metaphorical analyzes as the “victim”, fears that her life is at stake simply because of the height and color of Brent Staples. In his own words Staples acknowledges how he believes people see him: youngish black man—a broad six feet two inches with a beard and billowing hair, both hands shoved into the pockets of a bulk.” Every individual faces the veracity of fear, however it is how we choose to react that describes not only our character but also the actions and behaviors of almost every individual around the globe. As nation built on…

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