Do Different Brands of Popcorn Affect How Many Kernels Pop? Essay

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Do different brands of popcorn affect how many kernels pop?
The grocery store shelves are filled with many varieties, sizes, and brands of the same item. There are numerous kinds of popcorn, large and small, produced by different manufacturers. Some people choose products based on need, some base their decisions on price and some base their decision on quality or brand loyalty. With all of these options it can be difficult to choose. You may want to save money but at what cost? In this experiment we will determine if generics are equivalent alternatives or if we really get what we pay for. (Bautista, 2006)
Project Design Plan
Testable Question: Does name brand popcorn will have a better ability to pop than generic
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9.Allow stove burner to completely cool down so that it is cold to the touch.
*The burners need to cool down so that when the steps are started over the heat starts from the same temperature.
There were many factors that lead to the choice of this specific design plan.
1.Time- When beginning the planning process the popcorn was going to pop for 1 minute. Once a full minute has passed all of the popcorn was burned and mostly popped for both brands. In order to test the ability for the popcorn to pop the time needed be limited to 30 seconds.
2.Bagged or loose popcorn. Bagged popcorn was going to be use to have better control over the time and temperature of each run of the experiment, but there are not 2 brands of popcorn that have the same exact ingredients and were the same weight. Also most brands don’t have the same amount of butter and fat in them. The added moisture of the extra butter would change the rate at which the popcorn popped. Loose popcorn kernels were used so that the same exact amount of kernels can be used for each experiment and the amount of oil used can be both controlled as well as the same brand and type.
3.Measuring- At first the measuring unit of ¼ cup, but ¼ c doesn’t measure the same exact amount of kernels each time. Instead 300 kernels were counted and used to be sure that both plans started out the same to limit error.
4.Oil- peanut oil was used because it has a higher smoke point and wouldn’t

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