Do Boys And Girls Learn Differently?

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For my part of the project I have choose to interview four different people that are between third grade and sixth grade. There are four different people, two boys and two girls. In my paper I will only be talking about three of my interviews because one of them had very little responses. The reason why I have decided to choose young students is because my question for this project is, “Do boys and girls learn differently?” You may think that this is a very vague question however there are so many answers to it and in my paper I will discuss a few of them. First I would like to talk about the four students I have chosen. One of the main reasons why I choose each of my subjects is because they are all from different areas such as Staten Island, …show more content…
Olivia was the only one who wanted the paper with the questions on it because she said that it was easier for her to look at the questions while trying to answer them. “My name is Olivia, I am eleven years old and in the sixth grade. I am on a gymnastics team and used to play soccer. I stopped playing soccer because my mom thought that it was getting too rough for me because I was on a co-ed team and the boys play tough. Over the summer was my last game and one of the boys on the other team hit me on purpose because I got a goal. My mom got really mad and said something to that boy’s dad and they started fighting and the other dad told my mom that I shouldn’t even be on the team because I’m a girl. Too bad it was a co-ed team and his son played like a girl.” Than asked Olivia if she really wanted to stop playing or if it was because she had a tough time playing with boys. “No I never had a tough time playing with boys, it was fun and my team always had each others back. But I love gymnastics and wanted to stay focused only on that, so I was happy to stop playing.” I asked, “Do you learn better individually or in a group?” “I learn better in a group because the more thoughts and ideas the better. When we have to answer questions we have to have at leave a paragraph or two for the answer. All my teachers are female except for one of my teachers who is a male, so of course he usually expects us to write two paragraphs per question. So if I work with a group we all share our answers and why we got that answer. We even help each other if we don’t understand what the answer is.” I also asked, “Is this the first time you have ever had a male teacher?” “Yes and he’s my least favorite teacher. He always wants us to be tough and have self-control. He expects us to write so much in a forty-five minute period and sometimes he is so busy yelling at us that we don’t get anything done. I am so used to having

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