Essay on Do Boys And Girls Learn Differently?

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For my part of the project I have choose to interview four different people that are between third grade and sixth grade. There are four different people, two boys and two girls. In my paper I will only be talking about three of my interviews because one of them had very little responses. The reason why I have decided to choose young students is because my question for this project is, “Do boys and girls learn differently?” You may think that this is a very vague question however there are so many answers to it and in my paper I will discuss a few of them. First I would like to talk about the four students I have chosen. One of the main reasons why I choose each of my subjects is because they are all from different areas such as Staten Island, New Jersey, and Queens. The first person that I interviewed is my cousin Isabella, who is eight years old and in the third grade. Her teacher is a female. I asked Bella to tell me about herself and she said, “I am seven years old and I am in the third grade. I am Albanian and I like going to the beach in the summer. I live in Queens. I don’t play any sports but I do ballet.” Than I asked her why she didn’t think ballet was a sport and she said, “Well I never heard of ballet as a sport, so I don’t really know.” Next I asked her if she learns better working in a group or individually. She answered, “By myself because I get a lot more work done. Sometimes when I am in a group I am distracted by the boys or my friends who like to talk a…

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