Essay On Contraception

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1. Do all contraception devices protect you against STI’s?
Not all contraception devices can protect you from STI’s. There is one way which can potentially lessen the risk of STI’s. If you use barriers such as male and female condoms and dams, it will help stop infections from spreading when involved in oral, vaginal and anal sex.
2. Which contraceptive device is 100% affective?
The contraceptive device which is close to 100% affective is the contraceptive implant (Implanon).
Explain how the following contraceptive devices work:
• Implants-
The Implanon is a rod-shaped device that is placed under the skin on the inner side of the upper arm. It contains etonogestrel, a hormone which is similar to progesterone. It stops your period and makes the fluid at the opening to the uterus thicker. This stops the chances of any sperm getting through.
• Oral contraception-
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What is the legal age for a sexual relationship in South Australia?
The legal age for a sexual relationship in South Australia is 17 years old.
3. What does it mean for an 18 year old to date a 15 year old?
That they can’t legally have a sexual relationship because one is classed as an adult and the other is classed as a minor.
Safer Sex
4. What does it mean by safe sex?
Safe sex is when two people are having a sexual relationship, but are using protection to defend them from contracting any STI’s and from pregnancy
5. What activities are unsafe?
The activities that increase your risk of getting pregnant and your chances of getting STI’s are:
• Having sex without using a male or female condom
• When you withdraw the penis before ejaculation instead of using condoms
• Using an old condom or using a condom that is past its use-by date
• Continuing to have sex when the condom is broken and using a condom incorrectly.
• Getting bodily fluids into someone’s body, for example menstrual blood, semen or vaginal fluids into someone’s mouth, vagina or anus.

6. Where can you buy condoms in South

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