Dna Testing : An African American Woman Essays

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One reason that DNA testing attracted people’s attention is it is ability to uncover that ancestry information that individuals who have been disconnected from their ancestor’s homeland. For instance, during the period of slavery, European brought a large of number of slaves from various parts of Africa to the New World and those slaves have in America for generations. DNA examination brings hope for these African Americans because it can trace back their ancestry which helps African Americans to know who they are and where their roots are geographically. DNA testing can establish social relationship between people from different parts of the globe. For instance, Paul Brodwin writes, “geneticists in England have used Y-chromosome markers to demonstrate that at least one of the clans of Lemba, a tribe in South Africa and Zimbabwe, may be descended from Semitic people “(2002). Genetic databases do not present accurate data about people’s part heritage due to lack of diverse samples for instance,
Alondra Nelson describes the feeling of an African American woman Pat when took the geology testing. After she received the result of the examination, she was puzzled and the result did not look authentic to her. The test showed that she was related to a tribe called Akan in south-eastern side of Ghana. The outcome of her DNA analysis seemed more false when she learned that her colleagues were also affiliated to the Akan ethnic group in Ghana. But Pat’s family’s geology testing result…

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