Dna Profiling Research Paper

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In 1985 Leicester University Geneticist Alec Jeffrey’s developed a technique in which DNA that can identify people by using finger prints also known as DNA Profiling (http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/whoami/findoutmore/yourgenes/whydoscientistsstudygenes/whatisdnaprofiling.aspx). Fingerprints are unique to everyone, even identical twins boast different prints so with that in mind fingerprints where a used as a new method of investigating crime scenes. Later new part of the body was found to be unique just like fingerprints, arias like the iris, ears and the DNA code. In this time of age we have the technology to use a methods called STA. All humans are 99.9 percent the same when it comes to our gene code, however scientist look for the polymorphic …show more content…
In this example a trace of the criminal’s blood is left behind however there are four possible suspects that could be the villain. Each sample (including the crime scenes evidence) is pipet with an Enzyme Mix. The restriction Enzyme in the mix (found naturally in bacteria) cuts the DNA to fragments at specific location in the DNA code creating stick ends in the DNA (Eg. GAATTAC). The solution then is placed in the agarose gels wells (each well holds one of the four suspects) and electrified positive end at the feather side of the wells and negative end closer to the wells (shown in Figure three). The reason for this is that the strands of DNA moves towards the Positive and repels from the …show more content…
Using the positive outcomes shown in figure one and two, a Utopia prospective for Profiling DNA can be predicted. DNA Profiling could improve the way we live in so many ways. If DNA can be categorized and identify a particular person this opens doors for a range ideas (listed on the mind map). In the near future it might be possible ID card and pass ports will not need to be used, instead profiling DNA can replace all of that. With just will a drop of blood, fingerprint etc. a security officer can identify any person at any time. If DNA profiling is used for identification computer server and programmed will be in place to collect DNA profiles. Therefor make it easier for Officers locating information on a person. Business like banks can use this technology to improve the method in which the customer payments for items for example without the use of a check book, card or even cash the customer can purchases an item by accessing their bank account with a simple blood

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