Essay about Dna Overturned : Douglas Prade Shot Death

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DNA Overturned

Douglas Prade shot death of ex-wife in 1997. The evidence found on the defendant vehicle was blood on his lab coat; after 3 years examine the bite-mark by Margo Prade’s lab.
Both side always have agreed there was struggle inside a Dr. Prade minivan and that the killer bit her, leaving an impression the upper –left arm through her lab coat and blouse. That was crucial crime scene evidence on the morning of slaying (Mayer,2015). The defendant was sentenced to live in the prison.
2012, the expert who testified in those hearings agreed that Mr. Prade was excluded in the killing of his wife (Mayer, 2015). Due to sophisticated of technology in the DNA fingerprint, the experts found out that there was no evidence to convict the defendant. So the defendant was set free or exonerated. in my perspective, the experts who testified and the investigators who delivered the information to the experts have misled jury, prosecutors, and the judge to offer inaccurate conviction. Also the entire case was messed up by the actors in criminal justice systems, which sometime each of them have hindrance agenda or self-interest by manipulating other to a wrong channel of the game.
The innocent project understands the reluctance of the law enforcers to lose that one correct identification(Spinney,2008). I believed that the players in the criminal justice system do have some of the problems need to be address before the system fell…

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