Dna Mapping Lab Report

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Edgar Huichapa DNA Mapping Lab
Analysis of Plasmid DNA by DNA Mapping
Restriction mapping is the process of obtaining structural information on a piece of DNA by the use of restriction enzymes (Restriction). Restriction enzymes, also known as restriction endonucleases, are naturally occurring enzymes used in labs today to cut DNA into smaller, more manageable fragments (Bougher). Restriction enzymes are used to cut plasmids which are small DNA molecules that can replicate independently. All of this happens at the DNA strands restriction site. When the restriction enzyme cuts what is known as the vector or the strand that is cut off, it leaves behind what are known as sticky ends. Sticky ends are an end of a DNA double
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After graphing the bands on excel, we used the equation given by excel to determine the established base pairs in Plasmid/EcoRI, Plasmid/HindIII, and Plasmid/EcoRI/HindIII.
Figure 3 Figure legend: Figure 3 shows the graphed bands given from the picture taken from the blue box after electrophoresis. The graph provided an equation that then allows to solve for the other established base pairs.
Figure 4 Figure legend. Figure 4 shows the restriction map of the plasmid indicating the restriction sites.
The gel was analyzed through the method of agarose gel electrophoresis. Once the process was done, a picture was taken to show the distances between the bands as shown in Figure 1. Figure 2 shows the results of the different established base pairs after plotting the bands into excel and graphing them. Using the graph equation, we were able to find the established base pairs for Plasmid/EcoRI, Plasmid/HindIII, and Plasmid/EcoRI/HindIII. The standard curve is used to estimate the size of DNA
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Many human errors could have occurred as well. There were no conflicting results with the DNA mapping and the result given through electrophoresis.
The significance of DNA mapping is the effect that it can have on modern medicine. Using DNA mapping, scientist can locate specific genes for research. Also, it can be used to make a specific drug that can cure a specific individual. Creating a drug that acts on the level of gene transcription rather than as simple biochemical inhibitors or activators of certain enzyme (Restriction). With the use of DNA mapping, the world of medicine will change as we advance more with the use of this

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