Dna Is An Essential Aspect Of A Person 's Environment Essay

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DNA is the scientific way to identify oneself, it contains one’s personal roadmap set up for life. However, DNA is not set in stone, environmental factors can alter the gene expression of an individual, this phenomenon is known as epigenetics. Epigenetics is how chemical signals modify genes without changing the overall structure of the DNA sequence. The chemicals that are produced affect which genes are expressed due to environmental factors (Turner). A big factor in a person’s environment is cultural heritage and how it shapes one’s identity. Factors in the cultural environment can affect a person’s internal equilibrium, known as homeostasis influencing the phenotypic ratio of the organism’s gene expression. The maintaining of homeostasis is an essential aspect of regulating an organism’s make up and keeping the organism alive (Richards). Natural selection and the competition for survival is evident in every organism from humans to plants. Chemical signals alter plants defense mechanisms in order to survive similar to the the human genome’s way of altering phenotypic ratios to adjust to the living conditions of their environment (Jabr). As evident in plants, the human genome is influenced by its genealogy and family culture. The underlying family culture affects the human genes due to epigenetics or the nurturing of the organism affecting outcomes in the genetic identity (Williams). Epigenetics supports the nurture side of the nature vs nurture debate in how the…

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