Essay about Dna And The Structure Of Dna

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Introduction DNA is called deoxyribonucleic acid. This contains a phosphate group, sugars, and a complementary base. DNA is found in plants and animal cells in the nucleus. The nucleus is the control center where DNA is replicated or produced within a cell. DNA also contains our genetic material. This is possible due to differences in individual’s phenotype and genotype. DNAs structure is double helical; meaning two strands are parallel to each other and in a ladder formation. This can occur through the phosphodiester bond between the two strands of DNA that are parallel to each other. DNA forms within complementary base pairing. This means that four nucleotides are composed in the helical DNA that contains the genetic material. These nucleotides are adenine, thymine, cytosine, and guanine. These sugars correspond within one another; meaning that one can only bind with another. This includes, adenine binding with thymine and cytosine binding with guanine. These pairs form a hydrogen bond between each other within the DNA structure. This is essential for the structure of DNA that makes genetic material occur. DNAs functions include storing RNA, which is important for storing proteins within the cell (Alberts, 2002), which produces the genetic material in our cells that is in mRNA and replicating itself for repairing of cells. (Murnaghan, 2016) Our objective of this experiment is removing DNA from a strawberry. We can conclude before conducting that a strawberry is a plant…

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