Dna And Dn A Structure That Was Made If Two Chains Of Nucleotides

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a) A structure that was made if two chains of nucleotides, each in a helix, with each chain running parallel to each other. Also proved that the nucleotide bases could pair up in only one way based on Chargaff’s rule.
b) Franklin’s x-ray diffraction photographs showed that the wet form of DNA likely had a double helix. Wilkins showed Watson Franklin’s results and at the time Watson and Crick were experimenting with many potential models of having 1,2 or even 2 strands. As soon as Watson saw the double helix, he knew the double strand model was correct.
DNA contains phosphorus but very little sulfur and protein contains sulfur but very little phosphorus. Hershey and Chase injected bacteriophages in an organism. When the bacteriophage was injected with sulfur it didn’t show the genetic material as a protein, but when injected with phosphorus the bacteriophage obtained a radioactive reaction. The primary factor is that DNA contains no sulfur and proteins contain no phosphorus. thus, since the bacteriophage is just made of a protein capsid and DNA enclosed on, can label either as phosphorus or sulfur with their radioactive isotopes and perform the experiment that differentiates DNA from proteins as the carrier of genetic information.

30. Method 1
1. Used detergent to break down membranes
2. Used pineapple to break up protein
3. Used alcohol to precipitate the DNA Method 2
1. Put bag of mashed strawberries in hot water bath for 10-15 mins
2. Transfer bag of…

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