DMBA610 Week 4 Essay

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Week 3 by 9/29
TOC \h \z \u \t "Heading 2,1" Topic 1 Due by Wed Oct 2: PAGEREF _Toc368407018 \h 2Topic 2A Due by Wed Oct 4: PAGEREF _Toc368407019 \h 3P Argument: PAGEREF _Toc368407020 \h 6Rule of Law: PAGEREF _Toc368407021 \h 6Conclusion: PAGEREF _Toc368407022 \h 6References PAGEREF _Toc368407023 \h 8
Each student has to post at least one main posting by WEDNESDAY 11:59 p.m., of each week and respond to all assigned discussion topics by FRIDAY, 11:59 p.m., leaving time for you to respond to postings of classmates between Saturday and Sunday’s close of the week. You must participate at a minimum of 3 days of the week. This minimal posting is necessary, but not sufficient, in order to earn a good evaluation.
Use standard English
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92) The individual, Mr. Compton may not file a lawsuit and be heard in a Court, but the EEOC may file a lawsuit on his behalf.
Bagley, C. E., & Savage, D. (2010). Managers and the legal environment: Strategies for the 21st century. Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.
Link to the EEOC Web site for more:, Larry A.
Arbitration seems to favor the employer and leaves the employee with little option but to try and enlist the help of the EOCC if they get terminated. I found some more info on the topic at a website that is operated by a legal firm that specializes in arbitration. The main impetus for arbitration for employers is seen as the cost of litigation. Many cases of arbitration in today’s environment actually end up in a court anyway where they may end up favoring the employee. There is a history of plaintiff friendly and over generous juries that decide work related cases, especially cases of discrimination based on age, sex, race and other common factors. In an effort to avoid these employee friendly environments most all employers nowadays favor arbitration agreements with their employees, either through a union or by “forcing” employees to sign a waiver and agreement (Shea, 2013). Arbitration is generally much less expensive that defending against

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