Django Essay

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Margarita Ramirez
Dr. Jeff Bohn
English 103
November 3, 2015

The wild wild west holds its name of being so “wild” by being the focal point in which the beginning of american social issues and history occurred. Having been of a time of rapid industrialization and civilization growth, issues that were seen during the decades of western times and films were the strong influence wealth took on, relations with the law and those who enforced it, and divisions of power within american cultures. It is within the roots of western stories that character positions such as the outlaw hero and the official hero were born. In the film Django Unchained by Quentin Tarantino (2012), issues of slavery, race, and the differences of power between
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Django conducts himself as an outlaw hero due to the way he goes by his self made moral rules. He is a fighter for the good but has an interesting way of doing so considering Django kills a large number of racist white supremacists; along with the help of his comrade and business associate, Dr.Schultz, who also belongs to the side of being an outlaw hero. Django represents the traits of an outlaw hero by his manner of standing as an advocate of justice, for example in one scene Django is seen rescuing a negro girl who was about to be whipped by one of the Brittle brothers. The Brittle brothers were a group of three brothers who enforced harsh whippings as punishments to the slaves they watched over, including Django and his wife Broomhilda. Django steps in and shoots one of the Brittle brothers dead, taking his whip, and then using it to whip the second of the three. He then also shoots the second of the three dead when he has him pinned to the ground. These might seem like drastic measures but during this era of history most of the “bad guys” would never get caught or had multiple means of running away. And even if they were put into jail, they wouldn't stay in jail for too long. So drastic times call for drastic measures, especially when the most evilest of men were the ones most respected. Men of large wealth and power who could not be touched, or so they thought. Stephen, the head house slave of Calvin Candie, is a good

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