Essay about Divorce

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Why so many couples are getting divorced? This is difficult to answer. There are many reasons, known and unknown. Divorce rates have gone up between 1977 and 1983. It seems that almost every married couple is considering a divorce. The change in divorce laws allow married people to walk away from it much more easily. Before, the divorce process was very involved, time consuming and expensive. Today, filing for divorce means doing the paper work, file it and after a month or so the marriage has been ended by the court. A person wanting a divorce simply downloads the divorce documents from the internet, fills them in and files them at the court. In the past divorce laws were far more demanding and getting divorced was much
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After all, we were from similar backgrounds and we had willingly agreed to marry after conducting a relationship for a few years and living together happily before the wedding day. We both viewed matrimony as a sacred institution that you did not enter into lightly, nor did you leave it. In fact, for many years it seemed we were going to live out my vision of marriage and family life in much the way I had grown up to believe and expect. We lived pretty harmoniously, enjoyed doing things together, shared similar values and had a congenial circle of friends. We happily invested time and energy in our three children because their welfare was our primary concern. Overall the atmosphere in the house was comfortable and relaxed. This family bliss continued for about fifteen years before cracks began to appear. For numerous reasons my relationship with my wife gradually deteriorated until we reached a stage where we were hardly touching each other and resentments began to build up. It was a dark period for me generally. My solution to my mid-life crisis was to seek therapy for myself. But my wife’s response to our predicament was to get into bed with a work colleague. When I found out, about two months later, it hit me like a thunderbolt. I felt like I had been slit down my middle with a knife; opened like a tin can. The pain just seared through me. What I

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