Divorce : The Most Common Goal Essay

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Getting married and staying with that person for a lifetime is possibly the most common goal in the world. But unfortunately in the United States fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. Having parents who have had a divorce, change in priorities, and financial problems are high risk factors that can lead to divorce.
One of the greatest risk factors for divorce is having parents who were divorced. People tend to take on the attitudes of their parents. If one sees his or her parent’s divorce as the only way out of a bad marriage, then that person is likely to follow in these footsteps in their own marriage. Being raised in a divorced home may have one consider divorce as the simple answer to every bad situation, whether a major situation or a little situation. People exposed to divorce may have an unreal view of marriage. A person may feel as if littlest thing that goes wrong, that means they should just walk away from their spouse and get a divorce, Instead of working out problems in the marriage a person may feel that the relationship has been broken and why work on repairing it, and that divorce is the only cure. Other contributing factors of divorce include changes in priorities.
Major changes in priorities during marriage can cause divorce. Some people grow as they age and change others stay the same their whole life and continue to live their life as if they are still are an adolescent and as if they have no responsibilities. Other factors could include new job…

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