Divorce : The Legal Dissolution Of A Marriage Essay

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According to The American Heritage Dictionary, divorce is defined as the “legal dissolution of a marriage”. Divorce rates have been increasing for over a century. Today, divorce has reached historically high levels in most industrial societies. When many people think of divorce they may think negative thoughts, but it is not all completely negative. Divorce can have positive effects on adolescents and adults by allowing them to become more independent and may strengthen their inner core. Divorce can be caused by couples not feeling the same way as when they got married, mental illness, or even abuse. Often there may be children involved, and divorce may leave the children feeling frightened and rather confused. These feelings may be caused by living situations, parents fighting, or having the stress of splitting the costs of everything. Divorce has been believed to be one of the “leading causes of various behavioral, social, emotional, and economic problems among adolescents and adults” (Frank D. Fincham 122-124).
Money issues can be a prevalent cause of divorce. For example, one partner may not be working at all. Therefore, the other partner may be forced to support the family from his or her job. Often couples do work too much and can become absorbed in the work. Working excessively may result in less time for each other. These factors are likely to cause excessive amounts of stress. The high levels of stress can then lead to fighting and a hostile home environment.…

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