Divorce : The Legal Dissolution Of A Marriage Essay

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Divorce is known to be the legal dissolution of a marriage between two individuals who no longer wish to consider themselves “life partners”. In order for married couples to legally end a marriage in the United States, the sanction of a court is required. Although every divorce case requires the sanction of a court, each case may vary based upon state laws and regulations. This is that divorce is under the jurisdiction of state governments, and every state does not handle divorce cases in the same manner. Also, cases vary because there are different elements within a marriage to consider when determining the outcome of a divorce. Children are often considered to be one of the more important elements to contemplate in a divorce. This is because children will experience the consequences of parental conflict, diminished contact with the noncustodial parent, residential change, and/or economic decline etc. Therefore, it can be concluded children experiencing divorce and encountering changes in their lives affecting their emotional stability, as well as their development and productivity within their social environment is an important concern.
The Ecosystems Perspective The Ecosystems Perspective helps explain how children’s emotional stability, development, and productivity within their social environments is affected by divorce. According to Johnson and Rhodes (2016), Ecosystems Perspective, “Conceptualized the environment as more than a static setting for people’s lives (p.…

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